Launching Brunes Outlet sales campaign

We are delighted to announce the outstanding success of Quant’s sales campaign, crafted to be not only eye-catching but also to deliver a simple and engaging message. At the heart of this achievement is the captivating “Catch Me If You Can” campaign, a dynamic and effective initiative that has resonated with the audience, elevating Quant’s marketing impact.


The “Catch Me If You Can” campaign has proven to be a game-changer. Its eye-catching nature has successfully grabbed the attention of the target audience, making a lasting impression and creating a buzz around Quant’s offerings. The campaign’s dynamic and engaging message has translated into increased awareness and customer engagement.

As part of the campaign’s success, Quant introduced the innovative “Brunes Outlet” concept, a strategic addition that has proven exceptionally successful for the second consecutive year. This concept not only complements the “Catch Me If You Can” campaign but adds depth and variety to Quant’s offerings, establishing it as a brand that continuously evolves to meet customer needs.

The fact that the “Catch Me If You Can” campaign and the “Brunes Outlet” concept have thrived for the second consecutive year is a testament to their sustained effectiveness. The campaign’s ability to remain fresh, engaging, and successful over time speaks volumes about Quant’s commitment to delivering impactful and enduring marketing strategies.


Our campaign concept, titled “Catch Me If You Can,” is not just a marketing initiative—it’s an interactive and dynamic approach that captivates attention and leaves an indelible mark on the audience. The introduction of the “Brunes Outlet” concept complements this campaign, offering customers a unique and evolving shopping experience.

Key Campaign Highlights:

“Catch Me If You Can” captures attention and engages the audience dynamically, creating a memorable experience that extends beyond a traditional sales campaign.

The introduction of “Brunes Outlet” adds a layer of innovation and variety to Quant’s offerings, contributing to the campaign’s sustained success for the second year.

The continuous success of both the campaign and concept reaffirms Quant’s position as a brand that not only delivers eye-catching campaigns but sustains their impact over time.


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