Green Valley - Lead Generation

We are excited to announce the resounding success of the digital lead generation campaign conducted by Quant for Orion Construction’s expansive residential project on the outskirts of Tirana—Green Valley. In response to ambitious sales targets set by Orion Construction, Quant was enlisted to spearhead a digital lead generation campaign. Through strategic efforts on Facebook, Instagram, and Google, Quant has surpassed expectations by generating over 2200 leads. Remarkably, these leads have translated into approximately three-quarters of the sales achieved in the initial phase of the Green Valley project.


Quant’s digital lead generation campaign has not only met but exceeded the high sales targets set by Orion Construction. The remarkable influx of over 2200 leads showcases the effectiveness of our strategy in capturing the interest and engagement of potential buyers, ultimately contributing significantly to the success of the Green Valley project.

Leveraging the power of Facebook, Instagram, and Google, Quant has crafted a comprehensive digital presence that resonates with the target audience. Our campaign strategically utilizes these platforms to maximize reach, engagement, and lead generation, ensuring a diverse and extensive pool of potential buyers.

The success of the digital lead generation campaign is most evident in its direct impact on the sales of the Green Valley project. Approximately three-quarters of the sales in the project’s initial phase can be attributed to the leads generated through Quant’s strategic efforts. This not only highlights the quantity of leads but, more importantly, their quality in converting to actual sales.


Quant’s digital lead generation campaign, aptly named “Leading the Way to Green Valley,” is a testament to our commitment to delivering results that matter. This campaign is not just about generating leads; it’s about creating a pathway for potential buyers to discover and embrace the allure of Green Valley.

Key Campaign Highlights:

Our campaign strategically leverages the power of Facebook, Instagram, and Google to create a dynamic and engaging digital presence that captures the attention of potential buyers.

With over 2200 leads generated, the campaign has proven its ability to deliver results that go beyond expectations, setting a new standard for digital lead generation in real estate projects.

The true measure of success lies in the impact on sales, and with approximately three-quarters of Green Valley’s initial phase sales attributed to our leads, the campaign has not only driven interest but has translated that interest into tangible success for Orion Construction.