Park Avenue Logo

We are thrilled to announce the successful realization of one of the key objectives of the Orion Brand—to establish Park Avenue as the flagship residential project in Tirana for the next couple of years. This strategic move is not just a shift in focus; it is a powerful statement that aligns with the brand’s commitment to excellence and premium construction standards. By adopting the slogan “Excellence by Orion,” we have seamlessly linked the Orion name to the Park Avenue complex, leaving no room for confusion and ensuring that the company’s quality and premium status are unequivocally guaranteed.


Park Avenue has firmly secured its position as the face of Orion for residential projects in Tirana. The deliberate focus on Park Avenue as the flagship complex communicates a clear and compelling message, setting it apart as the epitome of Orion’s commitment to excellence in residential development.

The adoption of the slogan “Excellence by Orion” serves as a powerful and symbiotic link between the established reputation of Orion in construction and the premium status of Park Avenue. The connection between the brand and the building complex is crystal clear, reinforcing the idea that excellence is not just a promise but a guarantee when associated with Orion.

By tethering the Orion brand to Park Avenue through the “Excellence by Orion” slogan, we’ve effectively communicated a robust assurance of quality. Prospective residents and stakeholders can now confidently associate the Orion name with the superior standards and premium status embodied by Park Avenue.


Our brand communication strategy, titled “Where Excellence Meets Home,” is a testament to the seamless integration of Orion and Park Avenue. It signifies not just a residential complex but a harmonious blend of quality construction and premium living.

Key Brand Highlights:

Park Avenue stands tall as the face of Orion, representing the brand’s dedication to excellence in residential development for the next couple of years.

“Excellence by Orion” forms a symbiotic link, affirming that the Orion brand guarantees the same level of excellence and premium status embodied by Park Avenue.

The brand communication leaves no room for doubt—Orion is synonymous with quality, and Park Avenue is the living testament to this commitment.