Park Avenue Launch Event

We are delighted to announce the successful conceptualization and execution of an extraordinary event aimed at introducing the Park Avenue project to potential buyers with interests in apartments, offices, and commercial units within the vibrant New Boulevard area. Under the overarching theme of “Experience Excellence,” this event was meticulously designed to immerse our guests in the unparalleled quality and lifestyle that defines Park Avenue.


The “Experience Excellence” event has served as a powerful platform to elevate the brand awareness of Park Avenue. By aligning with our slogan, “Excellence by Orion,” we have effectively communicated our commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of our projects. This immersive experience has left a lasting impression, positioning Park Avenue as a benchmark for quality and sophistication.

The primary objective of our event was to drive sales and renting for apartments, offices, and commercial units within Park Avenue. Through an engaging and captivating experience, guests were provided with a glimpse into the lifestyle offered by Park Avenue buildings. The result has been a notable increase in interest, inquiries, and commitments from potential buyers and tenants alike.

“Experience Excellence” went beyond individual transactions; it fostered the growth of our community and partnerships. The event served as a meeting point for like-minded individuals and businesses, establishing valuable connections and collaborations. The expansion of our community and partnerships aligns seamlessly with our vision for Park Avenue as not just a development but a thriving, interconnected ecosystem.


Our event, driven by the concept of “Experience Excellence,” was a manifestation of our commitment to setting a new standard in luxury living and working. The guests had the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in every facet of excellence, from the culinary delights and fine wines to the carefully curated atmosphere and exceptional performances.

Highlights of the Event:

A gastronomic journey showcasing the finest culinary creations, reflecting the attention to detail synonymous with Park Avenue living.

The event venue was transformed into a living representation of the Park Avenue lifestyle, allowing guests to feel the essence of our projects.

Engaging performances that mirrored the creativity and innovation embedded in Park Avenue’s design and functionality.

Through “Experience Excellence,” we not only presented Park Avenue as a project but as a lifestyle choice that embodies the highest standards of living and working. The success of this event marks a significant milestone in achieving our goals of raising brand awareness, driving sales/renting, and expanding our community and partnerships.

We extend an invitation to explore the excellence that defines Park Avenue and welcome you to be a part of our thriving community.

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Space branding
Space branding


In order to emphasize ecology as one of the basic values of the project, the guests will receive a bonsai tree in a branded pot with a slogan: Grow Your Future in Park Avenue
Every morning in Park Avenue, weather it is the beginning of a new day in an office or at home begins with amazing views...and a cup of coffee. As a symbol of that, we will gift all guests with a pack of 30 top quality espresso capsules, that will give them a chance to Experience Excellence Every Day for a whole month.

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Project announcement

Using the potential of digital advertising platforms, our primary goals are:

  1. Raise brand awareness
  2.  Increase sales/renting for apartments/commercial units
  3. Grow our community and partnerships.

This phase represents announcement and presentation of the vision of the Park Avenue project, also presenting the project to investors and potential buyers. We suggest to combine different formats, in order to make the feed more interactive and appealing: Video, Photo, Story.

Suggested types of Social Media Campaigns:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Video Views
  • Traffic
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Brand Awareness

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  • The Landing page is an online flyer that has great capabilities because it provides more detailed information about the event listed in the ad.
  • Conversions through campaigns may be accurately measured by creating a landing page or a section on a website that people “land” on when they click an