Promotion of pension home delivery

Albanian Post

We are thrilled to announce the resounding success of the campaign orchestrated by Quant in collaboration with Albanian Post. The COVID-19 pandemic posed unprecedented challenges, particularly for the vulnerable segment of society—those aged over 60. In response to this, the Albanian Post took a proactive role, engaging Quant to develop a multifaceted campaign that not only increased credibility but also introduced crucial services: Home Delivery of Pensions and the launch of the e-posta app. The campaign, transmitted through various channels including digital platforms, achieved remarkable results, with over 300,000 individuals benefiting from Home Delivery of Pensions, and the e-posta app garnering more than 10,000 downloads.


The campaign, initiated by Albanian Post and executed by Quant, addressed the pressing needs of the most vulnerable population—individuals aged over 60. By introducing the Home Delivery of Pensions service, the Albanian Post played a crucial role in ensuring their safety during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quant’s strategic approach to the campaign not only addressed immediate needs but also significantly enhanced the credibility of the Albanian Post. The timely and impactful initiatives showcased the organization as a reliable and proactive entity during times of crisis.

Quant’s digital campaign for Home Delivery of Pensions was a standout success. It went beyond traditional channels, separating the audience into two segments—directly addressing the vulnerable and effectively communicating with their younger family members. This innovative approach leveraged digital platforms to maximize reach and engagement.


Our campaign concept, titled “Delivering Care, Embracing Innovation,” encapsulates the heart of the Albanian Post’s initiative. It goes beyond being a service introduction; it’s a demonstration of care for the vulnerable and a commitment to embracing innovation for the benefit of the community.

Key Campaign Highlights:

The introduction of this vital service provided essential support to the most vulnerable, ensuring they received their pensions safely at home.

The campaign successfully launched the e-posta app, minimizing physical gatherings at post offices and providing a convenient digital platform for communication.

The digital campaign’s segmentation, addressing both the vulnerable population and their younger family members, showcased Quant’s innovative approach to engagement.